Meet Savannah


I’m Savannah, author of Savannahty Fair.

I was born and raised in El Paso, Texas and lived there until I was eighteen years old.

After high school I moved to Austin where I attended the University of Texas. There,  I began to see a boy named Josh I had gone to high school with. We started dating officially at the end of our second year in school and, halfway through our third year, adopted a Pomeranian puppy we called Cranston. Josh, Cranston and I moved to Houston for work after graduating from UT.  Shortly after the move we added sweet Posy, also a pom, to the mix. Josh and I got engaged toward the end of the year we graduated. We were married a year later.

After years of just talking about it and plenty of nudges from Josh, I have finally decided to start Savannahty Fair. Its purpose is simple: to chronicle my life, wherever it takes me, with my husband and our two babes. Whether my posts be updates from the weekend, restaurant reviews or just a discussion about music, I want to be able to look back at them and get a glimpse of the way things were.