Pokéology in Rice Village


Josh and I were introduced to poke on our honeymoon. It was our last night in Hawaii at the luau at our resort. Resort staff was so friendly because they are all technically Disney cast members. Generally speaking, cast members are more pleasant than Chick-Fil-A managers on a Saturday night. After congratulating us on getting married, they asked whether we had tried the poke yet. “Don’t be afraid!” they all said. Apparently a lot of people are intimidated by it? We got through the whole buffet and it wasn’t until we went back for seconds that we realized we were getting more of the poke. I had decided it was some sort of Hawaiian ceviche before we finally saw the little label. How embarrassing.

If it is as new to you as it was to us, poke (pronounced po-kay) is raw fish, cut into chucks, tossed or marinated in all kinds of good stuff.

Since coming back from the honeymoon, I have had this craving for poke that I tell Josh can only be satisfied with another trip to Hawaii. So far, not so good on the Hawaii trip front but the good news is that I did find a poke place here in Houston that we visited this past weekend.

Pokéology is a little place in Rice Village. It’s more of a walk-up/counter service type of establishment than it is a restaurant. Think food truck but indoors and without the engine. It shares a space with a bar that is more than double its size.

Their short menu lists only six specialty poke bowls and the option to create your own. I wasn’t about to make my own bowl up since I am still new to the poke game. I got the Salmon Thaiviche on white rice (pictured first) and Josh ordered the Classic Tuna on white rice as well.

I am going to start with the bad so we don’t end on a low note: It is pricey. Granted, you don’t want your raw fish to come off a dollar menu but at $10 for a small bowl, you might think twice before making your way over to Rice Village for some poke. The price Josh and I paid for two full bowls ($12 each) would have gotten us much more food at a lot of other places. The drink situation was another thing I did not appreciate. They only offered water as far as I could tell.

Even though the portions seemed small, the full size bowls were very filling. I liked the salmon I ordered more than Josh’s tuna but both were delicious.I don’t plan on ordering any differently the next time we go. We added avocado to our bowls. I got kimchi mayo sauce on the side and Josh got sweet dragon. I am sure I would not have enjoyed it as much without those add-ons.

Another plus about Pokéology is that its patio is pet friendly. You’ll find a lot of people shopping and eating with their dogs around Rice Village but not every restaurant will allow dogs at their tables, even if they are outside. (I’m looking at you, Torchy’s). Cranston and Posy are cooped up at home all week long and, as a dog mama, I feel guilty about that. I love getting to take them out and about on weekends. Even if it is hot and their little legs don’t let them get very far before getting tired, I know they enjoy being outside. Cranston especially enjoys the attention from strangers that they both get. He is such a ham.

I don’t know if anything beats being served poke in Hawaii but Pokéology will do well in holding us over until we can make it back to Oahu someday.

Lots of love,




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