Life Lately

If things go on in my life but I don’t blog about them, did they really even happen?

I haven’t posted in a while and I am really regretting it because so much has happened these past couple of weeks! So here are some updates:

Name Change I am officially a Monarez! I haven’t managed to change my name on every single account/policy/document to my name but I have certainly put a dent in the whole transition. I have cleared the two biggest hurdles which are my social security card and drivers license. I told Josh today that I am sort of mourning my middle name, Lynn. I dropped and replaced it with my maiden name, Rappé. I know that’s silly though because there is no doubt in my mind I will continue to hear “SAVANNAH LYNN” every time I’m trouble with either Josh or my mom.

Posy’s First Haircut If Cranston could talk he would ask you for a cookie. After getting that out of the way he would refer you to his boy Jamie M. at PetSmart for all of your grooming needs. It is difficult to remember a time that we lived in Houston and did not know to take Cran straight to Jamie to tame his fluff. Naturally, when it came time for Posy to have her first groom, we booked her with good ol’ Jamie.

Josh and I were really nervous for Po. Her demeanor is so different than Cran’s. Cranston is calm and trusting. Posy is anxious, excited and curious. We waited for her to grow her adult coat in before taking her for a cut. We knew she was going to be unhappy being left at PetSmart but, sometimes, being fur parents is ruff. To my shock, Posy got an A+ from Jamie upon pickup. He actually raved about her and asked that we bring her back to him for anything she needs. She looked precious after her groom. The whole thing was quite the unexpected success. See her before and after:


New Office I have had an office to myself only once before. That was when I interned for the Attorney General the summer before my last year at UT. I certainly would not have called it my office though. I spent four hours every weekday there for a few months. It had nothing but a desk with a laptop inside.

As of last week, I have my first real office. It’s name-on-the-door, phone-hooked-up, picture-frames-out official. I was sitting in a cubicle in a common area before. It was easy to get distracted but it had grown on me because I became such good friends with my desk mates. These days though I can power through my work without having to worry about people stopping by to talk. I technically only moved about five feet to the right but my workday is suddenly so different. It is nice to have my own space but it’s going to take some getting used to.

New Shows I have a couple of coworkers that love the show Jane the Virgin. I saw the title as I was scrolling through Netflix one night while Josh was in class so I decided whatheheck. I am almost finished with the first season now. It’s a parody of a telenovela which makes it hilarious. The story is told by a narrator and all of the new characters are introduced to the audience in a cool way. It’s no Breaking Bad but it’s entertaining and worth a watch. Speaking of which, Better Call Saul Season 3 started up again this week which has Josh pretty pumped. We agreed to go back through the first two seasons though. We were totally lost after the season premiere. The Amazing Race Season 1,584 started not too long ago too. That has to be best reality show in existence. It’s fun for Josh and I to imagine how we’d do if we were on. The verdict is usually “not well.” Haha!

Fawlty Towers does not qualify as a new show for me. The only two seasons were actually filmed in the ’70s and I would watch them a lot when I was little because my grandpa liked them so much. He and my grandma have the box set of VHSs. It’s a sitcom about a married couple that runs a hotel. They don’t do a very good job, mostly because of the husband, and it’s hilarious to watch. I was thrilled to see that both seasons are on Netflix. I tried to get Josh into it a few years ago but it didn’t take. Apparently second time’s the charm because last night on the couch Josh turns to me and says “more Fawlty Towers?”

Daddy’s Birthday March 31st was my dad’s birthday! We drove up to Conroe to meet my family for dinner. Given his birthday dinner options, it’s hard to believe my dad hasn’t always lived in East Texas. He was between a general store that serves steak and Cracker Barrel for a few days. He ultimately chose the latter which made the drive easier on Josh and I. Our time together was quick but we had fun. The night ended on the rocking chairs out front where my dad opened his presents. Happy 36th 21st birthday, Daddy! 😘 #turnup


Travel Arrangements Josh and I have made a few more travel plans in the last few weeks. Unfortunately I can’t disclose a whole lot about our upcoming trips at the moment but what I can say is that they are totally new destinations for both Josh and I! I am so excited and cannot wait to write them up on the blog!

Books I go through these phases where I’ll read two or three books in a matter of a week or so. It happens every few months. Last year I had a big one and Josh decided it would cost us less money if we just got me an Amazon Kindle. Kindle ebooks cost way less than hard copies from Barnes & Noble and Target, in case you didn’t know.

I made my last ebook purchase right before we took off from Honolulu to Dallas after our honeymoon. If we’re close, you know I had a miserable time on those long flights and I thought maybe I could power my way through a new book as a distraction. Long story short, I was too anxious to concentrate so the book was left unread for a while. I remembered I had it over the weekend and finished just yesterday. That was The Hopefuls by Jennifer Close. I am hopeful *ba dum tss* to have a little review of it up soon.

For now, I am starting a book I have had my eye on for a while. Truly Madly Guilty by Liane Moriarty. It’s not on my Kindle. I got it free at Target using the Cartwheel app. Score! Are any of you reading any good books lately? I’d love some suggestions!

Lots of love,






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