Sandpit Turtles and Shopping Pomeranians


I distinctly remember the few times Josh gave me rides home from mock trial practice in high school. I was excited because I thought he was so cool and any chance to hang out with him was special. Everything was perfect on those short trips home but for one thing–the music. To high school me, Josh’s music was scary. Blaring over the speakers in his chili pepper red Jeep was the type of music I had only ever heard at Hot Topic. To this day I still don’t know how to classify it. Metal? Emo? All I know for sure is that there is a lot of screaming.  How could someone so nice listen to such awful music?  Fast forward six years to this past Friday…

I gave Josh concert tickets for Valentine’s Day. Both Bring Me The Horizon and Underoath played at the Revention Center downtown. BMTH headlined but we were mainly there for Underoath which is Josh’s favorite. I have seen Underoath twice now but it was Josh’s fifth or sixth time at least. Despite there not being my favorite kind of music playing, we always have a good time. Josh sang all of the songs with his favorite drink in hand. I was happy to see him happy. And, yes, I will admit that a lot of the music has grown on me over the years. Ask Josh and he’ll tell you that one of my favorites is Bring Me The Horizon’s sandpit turtle song. (The lyric is actually “sempiternal” but, eh, I like my version better).

The first concert like this Josh ever took me to was in San Antonio. We were in our second year at UT. Of Mice & Men was playing with A Day to Remember. The venue was outdoors and it was so hot. I got there with straight hair and left with a head of curls, it was so humid. Our friend Chris was wearing jeans. He rolled the legs all the way up past his knees and we still make fun of how silly it looked. We all left with bruises and I somehow got a huge scratch across my chest. The closer you get to the stage at these things, the more willing you have to be to get hurt. It may sound like an awful time but we all had a blast. That weekend is full of good memories. We went to Six Flags the next day and Josh asked me to be his girlfriend the day after that.

Back to last Friday–we both had a long week full of work, exams and colds so we decided to stay toward the back of the crowd and not risk being literally pulled or pushed into the mosh pits. I am happy to report that we left the venue with no injuries.  I even wore open-toed shoes without regretting it.

I was starving so we went straight to Blue Fish, a sushi restaurant right next to Revention. Blue Fish is good, there is another location even closer to us on Washington Street. No complaints as far as food or service but I think RA is still my favorite sushi spot in Houston. Uchi is delicious but Josh and I joke that we have to take out a second mortgage to eat there. We scarfed down our rolls and calamari and caught an Uber home. If you had asked me, I would have guessed it was almost 1 AM by the time we got home. I found out the next day we didn’t make it to midnight! Is this a sign we’re getting old?

It is probably a good thing we called it a night so early. I had an appointment at 8 AM the next morning so we were off to an early start. We took Cranston and Posy to shop on Westheimer after errands. I thought I was being such a good pommy mommy, filling my purse with water and doggy bags. I made sure Cran and Po had their harnesses and we had them on their new leash with a splitter at the end. So much for being prepared. I neglected to bring an umbrella so the four of us got caught in the rain.

It was a busy weekend but a fun one. We went home after shopping for a nap and to pack to spend the night and Sunday in Huntsville with my family. I will post about that later. I’m back at work for now! It’s a big Monday for us at the office. We’re switching software and today is implementation. Let’s just say it’s not going as smoothly as we had hoped. Oh well. I am making the best of it because I know it’s going to be a good day. I have spin after work, then it’s the finale of the Bachelor #TeamRaven. We’ll be watching it over some Torchy’s and I just can’t wait!

Lots of love,






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