Hi, I’m Savannah


If there is one thing I love doing, it’s reminiscing.

God forbid I come across one of my old school yearbooks while I’m at home because there go the next few hours!

I love re-watching my favorite old Disney movies. I know the stories and most of the lines by heart so what really gets me is the way they transport me to moments in time that passed years ago. The scene in Cinderella when Fairy Godmother turns those rags into that staple blue dress takes me back to sitting on my mom and dad’s bed in our house on Sun Tide in El Paso, Texas. I distinctly remember the four poster bed and dark green bedspread with the floral print. I had my favorites in hand: a sippy cup of milk and a baggy of plain Lay’s potato chips. Yum. I must have been three or four years old because my brother, Seth, was either an infant or still a bump.

The same goes for my camera roll back ups on the computer. Don’t let me anywhere near them because I’ll get lost looking at how my friends, family and myself have changed over the years. I recently came upon this treasure trove of juicy screenshots I snapped during a very dramatic phase I went through. Think of every cliché situation a college girl could possibly be going through and that will give you an idea of what was going on: homesickness, a boy, roommate issues and deteriorating friendships. Those green and blue text bubbles had me questioning how I ever could have forgotten the way I was feeling those days.

My grandma reminds me every time I talk to her that I am so blessed. It has taken me a while, but now, at 24 years old, I see what she means. Why else would I enjoy looking back at my life so much? That is not to say that I don’t work or have things to worry about. I do. I just feel blessed by my family and friends. I feel I would struggle a whole lot more without them and the things they have done and continue to do for me.

My husband, Josh, and I were laying on the couch this past Monday night watching The Bachelor. It’s hometown week so Nick Viall went from city to city asking for a few hands in marriage. (I won’t comment on how gross that is because it’s enough for a whole other post.) Cringing at Nick having to explain that he did indeed talk to three other fathers that week to Mr. Vanessa’s dad, I asked Josh what it was like asking my dad to marry me. I loved hearing the story but was sad to find some of the details had already been forgotten. “We need to write this stuff down!” was something my poor husband heard more than a few times that night.

I want something I can use to preserve all the dirty details. Diaries do not work for this girl and Facebook has become so impersonal. My life is full of blessings and I want to be able to chronicle them without worrying about how many likes they will get. So, this blog is mostly for me, a selfish shellfish, and my hobby of reliving all of my special moments. It’s for my two biggest fans: my bun (Josh) and my mama (hi Mommy!). Maybe my kids (both fur and bald) or friends will happen upon it too. Whomever the audience, the purpose of Savannahty Fair is simply to have a place to store the happy-and maybe not so happy-thoughts and things that happen in my life.

Lots of love and I hope you enjoy,




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